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Monday 16. December 2019: Working at EasyMile for nearly 3 years. Critical real-time software in C, simulation and monitoring in Haskell ➡️ perfect combo! It’s efficient and funny ;-)
And we are recruiting! Contact if you are interested in Haskell or embedded softwares (or both).

Sunday 15. December 2019: Playing with Pandoc filters in Haskell. abp should make pp obsolete.

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My Haskell goodies

Christophe Delord

My experience with Haskell

After a few years learning and playing with Haskell on my spare time and working with Haskell for a few month, I can tell that its qualities are not a myth.

I recently read an article that summarizes pretty well what I fell about Haskell. In Mastering Time-to-Market with Haskell Chris Done highlights some attractive and powerful characteristics of Haskell.

Haskell cumulates the advantages of several other languages:

I’m currently using Haskell in a simulation and monitoring environment for a critical real-time embedded software. The embedded software is itself written in C and communicates with its environment on Ethernet and CAN buses. The simulator and monitor are written in Haskell using only standard modules:

And it runs pretty well.

My first intuition on Haskell being a great general purpose language in now confirmed.

My Haskell goodies

This web site contains some free Haskell programs I wrote.

Haskell is a great functional language.

For any question about these softwares (bugs, tips, …) you can contact by email.

A Pandoc filter
A text preprocessor for Pandoc
Snake puzzle
A brute force backtracking snake puzzle solver
A brute force backtracking Sudoku solver
The classical N-Queens problem
A old game that you can play against the computer
Le compte est bon
“Le compte est bon” in Haskell
Handy Calc
A real programmer calculator

More funny things coming soon…