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Christophe Delord


Monday 18. july 2016: Updates on my new simulation framework project in Haskell.

Friday 25. march 2016: Dear backers, unfortunately, the FUN project was not successfully funded. I will now focus on FRP (Functional Reactive Programming) applied to real-time critical system specification and simulation.

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This web site contains some free Haskell programs I wrote.

Haskell is a great functional language.

For any question about these softwares (bugs, tips, …) you can contact Christophe Delord by email.

Snake puzzle
A brute force backtracking snake puzzle solver
A brute force backtracking Sudoku solver
The classical N-Queens problem
A old game that you can play against the computer
Le compte est bon
“Le compte est bon” in Haskell
Handy Calc
A real programmer calculator

More funny things coming soon…