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Monday 16. December 2019: Working at EasyMile for nearly 3 years. Critical real-time software in C, simulation and monitoring in Haskell ➡️ perfect combo! It’s efficient and funny ;-)
And we are recruiting! Contact if you are interested in Haskell or embedded softwares (or both).

Sunday 15. December 2019: Playing with Pandoc filters in Haskell. abp should make pp obsolete.

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DEA RCFR: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Formalisation

Christophe Delord

6 Septembre 2014

The theoretic part of the DEA consists of four common courses and two optional courses.

The research part is a training period in a research laboratory. Mine takes place at ENSEEIHT in Mr Evrard’s Team (G.R.A.A.L.).

Speech Acts and Dialogue Games

Dialogue simulation between two agents using speech act and dialogue game notions:


You will find more details about the results of my training period at my Artificial Intelligence page and in my report.